Use of Social Media Platforms to Boost Marketing Efforts

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Social media is the call of the day and research shows that close to a whopping 77% of the marketers use it to promote their business activities and are advanced users of social media platforms. A survey among such marketers suggests that the top three most popular platforms include Facebook, Twitter and Google+ followed by YouTube and LinkedIn. No wonder then that teams behind such platforms, say Facebook for example are almost always looking at ways to make their platforms more customized and useful for their users.

The biggest feature that marketers look for is the ability to monitor their progress or growth after they have invested some time on a particular platform. Such analytic abilities in tools give them a yardstick for growth or failure. Analysis as to whether blogging, newsletter or other PPC (pay per click) campaigns lead to increase in sales, traffic, revenue, or subscribers is something that must be measured and if any social media tool does not provide that, it is bound to lose the race.

Social presence is something that every online entrepreneur is ready to leverage and experiment but all social media tools will have to constantly evolve themselves to make the customer happy and only then can they stay ahead of the competition.

Link to the original post that lead me to do a detailed analysis of why and how marketers use social media platforms and blogs for content marketing is here (Infographic)

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