Tap into the Power of Email

Content marketing is a great way to reach out to your potential customers. However, content marketing can take a variety of forms and it is imperative to choose the right medium of communication to reach out to the buyers. Social media, SEO, article marketing – all are varied forms of marketing your product or message. However, did we realize that amidst this growing race of embracing modern tools of communication, we have somewhat forgotten e-mail; the most basic yet loved tool of web communication?

A new study from ChoozOn Corporation indicates that more than 40% of people; mainly consumers, love receiving emails. Benchmark, Aweber, and others have graciously tapped into this love for emails and has allowed businesses to send messages to their existing and potential customers in the form of newsletters.

However, in order to effectively transmit the message, the core principle of content management remains the same – compelling content. Fancy emails without an inviting message just don’t work. Email is a great and powerful channel with a reach among countless, but creating content that compels the readers to act is what is actually needed. When that happens, you are sure to win over customers; easily and effectively.

You can read the original article that inspired my ideas and thoughts shared in the write up here at http://www.brafton.com/news/creative-content-development-remains-a-major-obstacle-for-email-marketing

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