Publicity, PR & Social Media

Designed to get your brand and business into the media, Smart Solutions specializes in getting you thousands of dollars worth of media exposure at a fraction of the cost of comparative paid advertising.

What makes publicity so attractive is that publicity campaigns can gain media exposure valued at 3x that of paid advertising at a fraction of the cost, and creates much more credible reference points than paid advertising.

Utilizing social media strategies, organic SEO, content marketing, publishing, media comments, events, PR stunts, launches and more, Smart Solutions can get you noticed by the people who matter most – your target audience.

And, with print media being syndicated online and the fast moving information highway that is the web and social media platforms, having your business mentioned and featured across different avenues not only strengthen’s your brand but improves organic search results.

Social Media needs to be a crucial part of your business’ online presence and as such requires engaging content, visually appealing posts and effective management in order to provide the impact for your business it can offer. However, in many cases, the way businesses manage their social media is not achieving the outcomes.

Call us today to learn more about how Publicity, PR, and Social Media can help strengthen your brand and grow your business.

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