Creative Ways to Profit from Content Marketing

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Contrary to popular notion, content marketing is not just writing for social media platforms or even creating a money-minting blog. Content marketing in essence is being creative with your ideas, translating them into exciting content, and finally using this excitement to market your product or service. Following are some of the numerous ways you can use content marketing to engage your prospective customers.

1. Being Online is not just the beginning and the end of content marketing. A physical brochure or paper newsletter should also be a part of your content management strategy. Remember that not all your customers are or can be online all the time. Some of them may don’t even come online and check their  online profiles regularly.

2. Identify one common issue that plagues your industry and create a white paper of sorts that provides solutions to recurring problems in your industry. Not many entrepreneurs focus on analysis because they are too focused on selling and that is something you should abstain from doing.

3. Always offer something as a free gift or incentive but make sure they are of immense value to your prospect customers. That’s a great way of building trust and value as well as promoting your business, products and services.

4. Create a free podcast or webinar. For example; to make it more interesting, you could do it in an interview format with a distinguished leader in your industry.

5. Build a membership site that offers unique content. Part of it can be posting articles on sites like Ezine and Squidoo. Also, backlinking to your site through these platforms has its own distinct advantage.

6. This is a no-brainer. Engage with people on Facebook and Twitter. However, on Facebook, ensure that your business page is different than your personal page.

7. Engage with people on various high ranking websites and forums. But, don’t spam. Provide responses that are relevant, useful and constructive. When people know that you have valuable suggestions to offer, you become an automatic authority.

8. If you’ve conducted webinars or podcasts, just get them transcribed and sell them as an e-book; another great way to enforce your authority as an expert.

As you can see, content management is really a border-less and limitless concept. As long as you can create content that engages, you can use it sell virtually anything.

These ideas sprung after I read a write-up that talked about some interesting aspects of content marketing that we generally tend to ignore so felt like sharing it with you in my own words. Follow this link for the original article.

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