Brand Managment or Social Media – Which is Superior?

With the emergence of social media, it has been argued for quite some time now that which is superior; brand management or social media. As one would expect, there has been a flurry of arguments, good vs bad in terms of which is superior. Much of these claims are unfounded and devoid of any merit. Let us first understand what constitutes social media and what exactly is branding.

Brand is the heart of any business. It is what brings customers to the product or service a company is selling. Brand strategy is the planning and development of strategies detailing to make people aware of the brand and how it helps them. Social media is a channel through which you communicate with your customers. That’s it. It just provides a medium for you to reach out to your potential customers and talk to them. So Brand is your name and social media is a platform allowing you to meet people who you can introduce yourself to.

Now for any business to say that we shall focus only on our branding strategy and not social media or vice-versa would mean living in a dark age. Any good marketing plan should include a great brand strategy and identification of social media platforms that help you reach out to your potential customers. Both complement each other and both are vital to an intrinsic plan that promises success.

This article was inspired by a related post the source of which is mentioned below, even though the ideas and views may be different.

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