3 Reasons Why E-mail Still Wins You Customers

Not long back, internet marketing was all about email campaigns. Companies would create a newsletter or something alike for their prospective customers, fill it with useful content, attractive pictures, and perhaps a free offer and were all set to receive responses from customers. Today, the craze for social media has weakened the importance of email campaigns thanks to the hype surrounding social media channels and their popularity. However, while these mediums may be the latest trend, they still lack the reach and the impact e-mail messages can have. Here’s how;

1. Customers are using emails on smartphones and tablets to connect to their businesses or friends and family. All social mediums receive hundreds of posts on a daily basis and it is difficult to distinguish between the useful and not so useful stuff. E-mails on the other hand are taken more seriously, provided they are carefully drafted and sent to targeted audiences.

2. Facebook and Twitter impose a great deal of restrictions on the amount of words as well as pictures that you can post. This may not always help an idea you are trying to circulate. An e-mail, on the other hand, allows you to add pictures, flash, has no restrictions on words, and allows you to hold polls, contests as well. So the difference of format is a crucial factor.

3. You can measure success factually. How many people opened the email, the click-through rate, subscription rate or other statistics are readily available through email campaigns and that’s the real deal. Social media doesn’t get you any closer to such facts.

To conclude, we can safely say that social media does have a future in marketing and while it does provide some exciting opportunities, email is what can get you customers faster.

This write-up was inspired by an article that I got to read a few days back. Here’s the link http://www.agencypost.com/don%E2%80%99t-forget-about-email-how-to-create-successful-campaigns/

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